Natural Therapy and Ayurveda Course

Ayurveda is the knowledge (veda) of life (ayus). This knowledge is universal, but more importantly, it is personal. With this knowledge we live true to ourselves and we remain vital, healthy, and conscious. Yoga and Ayurveda were historically understood within the context of each other. As parallel paths, one was always followed with an understanding of the other. To be a skilled yogi, we must understand our nature from the perspective of Ayurveda, and vice versa.

Ayurveda is divided into two primary teaching streams: the Ayurvedic clinical practice of medicine and the self guiding life wisdom practices known as Swasthavritta. Swasthavritta is the Ayurvedic body of wisdom and practices that inform and inspire right livelyhood and actions in the world (sadvritta) given one’s unique nature, and empowers the individual to self care. Similar to a Yogi, a Swastha is one who is established in one’s true self, and who acts and lives in accordance to one’s own nature. Swasthavritta sheds light on the primal relationship between the self and nature, with a simple message: just be you.

At the moment of our conception the cosmos recreates itself in miniature and a one-of-a-kind stellar event results in our own unique nature (prakriti) that differs from all others. No two of us the same. From the moment we appear in the world we strive to find our place in community, in conection with others, and still be ourselves. How do we care for this unique individuated self? Conformist one-size-fits-all trends, diets and medical treatments do not work for everyone.

This course will learn:

  • Veda and Ayurveda
  • Principles Pf Pancha-tattvas
  • SADVRITTA: Living True to Oneself in Yoga and Life
  • SWASTHAVRITTA: The Enlightened Self Care of Ayurveda
  • Light on Food: The Yoga and Ayurveda of Enlightened Nutrition
  • DINACHARYA: Daily Practices and Routines in Ayurveda
  • Diet Therapy
  • Natrue Therapy (Mud, Water, Sun, Sound)
  • Fasting
  • How to prepare and conduct a class

Schedule of time:

09:00-12:00 Theory and application.
12.00-13.00 Lunch time and rest.
13.00-15.00 Meditation practice 1
15.00-15.30 Group discussion
15.30-17.30 Meditation practice 2
17.30-18.00 Group discussion


  • Having the International W.Y.A World Yoga Alliance 50-hour certified teacher
  • 50-hour nationwide QCI and W.Y.A  time accumulation.
  • The review of this course includes: a personal research report, a written test, and through guidance and implementation.

This is a Professional Development course for trained yoga teachers & health professionals.