Mindfulness Transform (PRATYAHARA) Course

So few practitioners and teachers of yoga are practicing the traditional pratyahara practices, considered the actual doorway into the deep subconscious mind and the realm of the inner silence, that pratyahara is often referred to as the Lost Limb of yoga.

Patanjali describes eight limbs of yoga, of which pratyahara stands as the sensorial gateway between the physical (asana, pranayama) and the subtle (mind, soul). Pratyahara guides us through the fundamental experiences of sensory witnessing and control. In the conventional sense, the mind was designed to engage the busy world of sensory information by seeking and interpreting stimulation, but on the yogic path meditation inquires into it’s counterintuitive opposite – inner silence. How then do we turn off the mind? Pratyahara practices such as Antar Mouna will be reviewed and taught.

This course will learn:

  • PRATYAHARA IN YOGAWhere the Senses Yield to the Mind
    Antahkarana: The Inner Instrument Linking Mind and Soul
    Mano Mani Avishtha: Point With No Name

    Rogakaaranas: The Ayurvedic Cause of Disease
    PRATYAHARA: The Fifth Limb in Classical Yoga

    Definition of Pratyahara
    The Foundation of Meditation
    The Four Types of Pratyahara
    – Indriya Pratyahara: Sensory Withdrawal (yoga techniques, quiet time)
    – Prana Pratyahara: Prana Withdrawal (ajna chakra)
    – Karma Pratyahara: Control of Actions (behavior)
    – Mano Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the Mind (meditation)
    Practices in Pratyahara
    Concepts of Pratyahara
    – Awareness
    – Witnessing
    – Extension
    – Detachment
    – Withdrawal

    The Definition of Antar Mouna
    The Practice of Antar Mouna
    The Six Stages of Antar Mouna

  • How to prepare and conduct a class

Schedule of time:

09:00-12:00 Theory and application.
12.00-13.00 Lunch time and rest.
13.00-15.00 Meditation practice 1
15.00-15.30 Group discussion
15.30-17.30 Meditation practice 2
17.30-18.00 Group discussion


  • Having the International W.Y.A World Yoga Alliance 50-hour certified teacher
  • 50-hour nationwide QCI and W.Y.A  time accumulation.
  • The review of this course includes: a personal research report, a written test, and through guidance and implementation.

This is a Professional Development course for trained yoga teachers & health professionals.