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Syllabus / QCI 課綱

The curriculum is aligned with the syllabus laid down for Level-2 Yoga Teachers, under the Scheme for Voluntary Certification of Yoga Professionals, mentored by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and owned by QCI. The syllabus is equipped with Principles and Fundamental of Yoga, Etymology and Philosophy, Three great text of Yoga (Bhagvat Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutra,Hatha Yoga Paradipika), Communication, Application of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology, Pshycology, Shatkarma, Bandhas,Chakras,Asanas, Pancha Pranas, Pancha Mahabhutas, Yogic diet, Sukshma Vyayama, Pranayama and Meditation, Teaching Methodology. The students who successfully complete the programme, examination and certification by Yoga Gurukul thereafter will also be eligible to register for direct exam from QCI. 

Including 350 Hours Level-2 Certification, successful students will also receive World Yoga Alliance 200 Hours Teacher Training certificate.

QCI第二級瑜伽教師認證,是QCI瑜伽專業認證計劃的進階認證。 第一級與第二級的教學課綱75%一致。 第二級教學課綱具備了瑜伽原理和基礎,瑜伽專業詞源和哲學,瑜伽三大文本(巴幹伽塔,帕坦伽利瑜伽經,哈達瑜伽Paradipika),溝通交流,瑜伽解剖和生理學應用,心理學,潔淨法,鎖印收束法,脈輪 ,體位法,五行氣,五元素,瑜伽飲食,調息法和冥想,教學方法。 成功完成瑜伽Gurukul 課程,可取得 (1). 350小時二級證書,(2). 世界瑜伽聯盟200小時教師培訓證書(3). 考試通過的學生也將具備申請QCI的考試資格。

  • Principles and Fundamentals of Yoga
  • Introduction to basic Yogic Texts
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology & Diet
  • Communication
  • Sukshama Vyayama & Shat Kriya
  • Surya Namaskar & Yoga Asanas
  • Pranyama & Meditation
  • Teaching Practice

Note : Teaching Medium: Chinese  , English & Sanskrit


Planning Process

  • Program will be delivered with the help of following modern learning techniques:
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Videos and Films
  • Classroom Lectures by subject domain experts
  • Classroom Study of literature & recommended books
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion and closed group interaction
  • Self-study and research through course content made available to the course participants.
  • Q&A sessions. 
  • 瑜伽原則和概念
  • 基本瑜伽文本介紹
  • 解剖學,生理學,心理學和飲食
  • 祛風練習法和六大潔淨法實作練習
  • 古典拜日式和體位法
  • 調息法和冥想
  • 教學與實踐

註:提供教學方式與教材/ 中文, 英文, 梵文




  • 課程將在以下現代學習技術的幫助下完成:
  • PowerPoint演示文稿
  • 視頻和電影
  • 主題式的專家課堂講座
  • 研究文學和推薦書籍
  • 示範
  • 分組討論與互動
  • 通過提供給課程參與者的課程內容進行自學和研究。
  • 問與答。

Schedule / 日程表

Duration of the Course/ 研習日期  04/08/2018 ~ 08/12/2018。

Last Date of Registration/ 最後報名日期  03/08/2018

Early Bird/ 早鳥報名期限/ 20/07/2018 

Every SAT, SUN & Public Holidays/ 每周周末與國定假日

Teacher Training Program is 10 hours a day. Below is the tentative daily schedule

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Timings & Sessions / 時間與課程表 
09:00 – 10:45Practice Session (CLEANSING PRACTICES)
10:45 – 11:00Break Time
10:00 – 13:00Lecture -1
13:00 – 14:00Lunch
14:00 – 15:00Teaching Practice
15:00 – 17:00Lecture -2
17:00 – 18:00Group Discussion

Tuition / 研習費

在 Yoga Gurukul的學習過程

我們的 Yoga Gurukul根據QCI指導方針提供適當的支持和資源,傳授具有所需小時數和適當方法的培訓學習過程。 教學人員通過一系列的方法和教學策略來實施課程課程,以識別與學習需求相關的多樣化學習風格。 為學生提供更多的實踐課程,豐富學習經驗。

Duration of the Course/ 研習日期  04/08/2018 ~ 08/12/2018。

Last Date of Registration/ 最後報名日期  03/08/2018

Early Bird/ 早鳥報名期限/ 20/07/2018 

Every SAT, SUN & Public Holidays/ 每周周末與國定假日

  • Tuition Fee/ 160,000 NTD
  • Early Bird/ 140,000 NTD 
  • Only Training attendance / No certification- 90,000 NTD( For those who like to attend TTC for their training and knowledge purpose and not for certification).
  • 學費/ 160,000新台幣
  • 早鳥費用/ 140,000新台幣
  • 培訓/無證書 – 80,000新台幣(針對喜歡參加TTC培訓以增進知識目的,而非證書者)。

Eligibility / 學習資格

  • 18 years and above
  • Education: Graduation (or equivalent)
  • Physically fit
  • Mentally stable to undergo training rigor.
  • 18歲及以上
  • 具備大學以上之學歷(或同等學歷)
  • 身體健康
  • 精神穩定,可接受嚴格的訓練。

Certification / 認證

Training – Learning Process in Yoga Gurukul

Our Yoga Gurukul provides appropriate support and resources as per QCI guidelines to impart training learning process with requisite number of hours and suitable methods. The teaching staff implements the course curriculum through a range of approaches and teaching strategies that recognize diverse learning style relevant to the learning needs. More number of practical sessions is given to the students to enrich their learning experience.

After successfully completing the 350 Hr of training and examination thereafter, the students shall be awarded a certificate mentioning the number of hours of education completed at Yoga Gurukul, Taiwan.

This certificate qualifies the student to become as Yoga Professionals – Level 2 Teacher and also eligible to take a direct exam with the QCI for the Certification from QCI, India.

* 90% attendance is must to become eligible to appear in exams.

Note: The fee, once deposited, is non – refundable and non – transferable.

As a graduate from Yoga Gurukul, you will be certified to teach yoga. 200 Hours Yoga Instructor Training Program and 350 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program have different syllabus and Certificate. Please refer the syllabus for more details or contact the admissions team on 1yogagurukul@gmail.com


我們的瑜伽Gurukul根據QCI指導方針提供適當的支持和資源,傳授具有所需小時數和適當方法的培訓學習過程。 教學人員通過一系列的方法和教學策略來實施課程課程,以識別與學習需求相關的多樣化學習風格。 為學生提供更多的實踐課程,豐富學習經驗。
在成功完成350小時的培訓和考試之後,學生們將被授予一個證明在Yoga Gurukul 完成教育的小時數的證書。
此證書使學生有資格成為瑜伽專業人員 2級教師,並有資格直接參加印度QCI的QCI認證資格考試。
*注意: 需有90%出席率才具備有考試資格。
作為Yoga Gurukul的畢業生,您將被授予瑜伽教學資格。200小時瑜伽教練培訓計劃和350小時瑜伽教師培訓計劃有不同的教學大綱和證書。 請參閱教學大綱了解更多詳情或聯繫1yogagurukul@gmail.com 的招生團隊

Duration of the Course/ 研習日期  04/08/2018 ~ 08/12/2018。

Last Date of Registration/ 最後報名日期  03/08/2018

Early Bird/ 早鳥報名期限/ 20/07/2018 

Every SAT, SUN & Public Holidays/ 每周周末與國定假日

Admission Process:

Admission Policy is very transparent and purely based on merit. The dates of different Yoga Professionals to be announced. Please refer to Calendar of Yoga Gurukul. Prior Advertisements and Notifications will be given on website. Also, advertisements shall be carried in the local areas through proper media.

All the application forms will be screened and evaluated to ensure if they meet eligibility criteria. Forms can be rejected on the following basis:

  • Incomplete Form
  • Fitness criteria not fulfilled.
  • Misrepresentation of Information
  • All approved participants shall be sent a confirmation e-mail.


Communication of Enrolment

All approved participants shall be sent an invite by e-mail, with a unique code to ensure traceability. E-mail shall be sent to the shortlisted candidates, based on eligibility criteria, which shall contain the following information:

  • Date of reporting
  • Program Contribution/ fee
  • Venue & Location of the program
  • Joining Instructions
  • Study material (To facilitate pre-reading)
  • All registered students of Teacher Training Course will be allowed to attend a 3 hours Teacher Training Awareness workshop before the beginning of the course.


DOCUMENT TO BE SUBMITTED (At the Time of Registration)

  • Latest Colored Passport Size Photograph – 2
  • Copy of Educational certificates
  • Copy of I.D Card
  • * 2 copy of each documents which has to be self-attested.




  • 沒有填寫完整的報名表
  • 身體的狀況不被允許
  • 報名訊息不實
  • 所有獲得批准的參與者都將收到確認電子郵件




  • 報告日期
  • 費用與研習地點
  • 參加內容說明
  • 學習教材(方便預讀)
  • 所有註冊的教師培訓課程的學生將被允許在課程開始前參加一個3小時的教師培訓意識研討會



  • 2 張最新的彩色護照尺寸照片
  • 教育證書影副本
  • 身分證的影副本
  • 2份每份文件必須親自簽名