WYA 50 Hours Teacher Training

50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is an additional 50 hours Certification from World Yoga Alliance Organization for all those who wish to follow an additional and exclusive yoga teacher training on various subjects
This is a very specific course intended for all those who have already completed any of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training by any school, and would like to become a specialist in any of the areas mentioned above. Our 50 Hours yoga teacher training follows the highest standards and gives you all the knowledge necessary to teach a specific kind of yoga following health and safety standards in order to provide the best experience for your students.

WYA 50-hour YTTC

  • Shatkarma Course
  • Five Vayu Course
  • Meditation and Pranayama Course
  • Mindfulness Transform Course
  • Natural Therapy and Ayurveda Course
  • Yoga Nidra Course